Greater Efficiency and Freedom Possible Through TIMG's Imaging & Document Capture Services

Thursday 8 August 2019, 2:40PM
By Beckie Wright

Quality imaging and document capture services from TIMG provide New Zealand and Australian businesses with the most cost effective and efficient document conversion outcomes. These data capture and management solutions are made possible by TIMG’s advanced hardware and software tools, combining the most advanced technologies with the highest security protocols to deliver a wide range of advanced workflow solutions. With integrated document archiving and destruction services, TIMG can provide their clients with the complete imaging package.

TIMG’s imaging and document capture services are ideal for businesses with inefficient paper-based processes or high data-entry demands. Some organisations require offsite storage for files to help free up floor space, which can be costly and time consuming to access, making effective document imaging a must. TIMG is also prepared to assist businesses that are encountering difficulties from their own efforts to digitise documents, such as extensive backlogs or inaccurate metadata capture. These services greatly improve efficiency and workflow, freeing up business resources to tackle more pressing problems and meet more ambitious goals.

Offering everything from comprehensive file digitisation, data capture, and access to a secure web portal (SAFE Digital), TIMG’s imaging and document capture services provide everything necessary for businesses to convert physical business records and documents into digital files. With their enhanced data extraction services, TIMG can also streamline application, contract, and invoice processing.

100% New Zealand owned and backed by NZ entrepreneurial company Freightways, the experienced professionals at TIMG have built their reputation through innovation and efficiency in information management. With offices conveniently located throughout New Zealand and Australia, TIMG is well situated to provide secure services to the highest quality. TIMG challenge the traditional view of paper based information management.

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