NeedANerd Wellington releases expanded website offerings

Friday 9 August 2019, 1:44PM
By Media Giant

Anyone needing help to troubleshoot computer issues and fix hardware in Wellington is in luck! NeedANerd Wellington’s website is currently undergoing expansion. Business and residential customers can now see a wide range of services available and find all the information needed online for a smooth, easy and cost-effective experience. 


Not everyone is particularly tech savvy, but in this modern age most of us interact with technology and computers on a daily—if not hourly—basis. When things go wrong, most of us can be left totally stumped. NeedANerd has highly skilled and experienced technicians who can help, in a way that’s accessible, affordable, and easy to understand. They are a full-service IT company, willing and able to take on any job and explain what needs doing in plain English.


The website expansion will make NeedANerd Wellington’s much-needed services more visible to those searching for assistance at home or for their business. It clearly lays out the services available, contact details, testimonials, and all the other details necessary to get a computer fixed, a wireless network set up, or any other tech-related problem solved. There is even an informative blog with tips and advice from NeedANerd’s experts.

If you’re in the capital and in need of IT services, take a look at NeedANerd’s new website. You can contact the team online, call them on 0800 633 326, or email