Eco Tauranga offers window joinery with low maintenance costs

Friday 9 August 2019, 3:42PM
By Media Giant


Eco Tauranga is providing the people of Tauranga with quality, durable, and eco-friendly uPVC joinery. Born out of Eco Doors and Windows which has supplied Wellington for more than a decade, the company offers homeowners a great product with effective soundproofing and insulation properties, making homes quieter and warmer.


Not only are the windows that Eco Tauranga provide and install top-quality and effective in keeping sound out and temperatures regulated, but they are low-maintenance. This means much less money spent on maintenance costs, as well as time saved for homeowners and landlords in painting, fixing, and cleaning windows. The uPVC joinery used by Eco Tauranga is also manufactured with the high-UV New Zealand environment in mind, and will last with minimal attention for at least 40 years.


For many property owners, maintenance on any aspect of a house is a major money and time investment. A low-maintenance solution to joinery is great news, and Eco Tauranga is providing it—with a product that is also eco-friendly and efficient at keeping homes warm and dry.


If you are interested in uPVC joinery, get in touch with the Eco Tauranga team. Fill out the online contact form, call them on 027 552 6065, or email