Eco Auckland makes inaugural install of uPVC joinery in Auckland

Friday 9 August 2019, 3:45PM
By Media Giant

Eco Auckland was born out of parent company Eco Doors and Windows, the first uPVC window and door company to be established in Wellington. The firm has recently completed its inaugural install in Auckland, making their first moves towards providing high-quality uPVC joinery and double-glazing solutions that will keep the City of Sails warm and cozy.


Supplied by Warm Windows, who have manufactured uPVC doors and windows in the city for more than 14 years, Eco Auckland aims to make homes around Auckland warmer, drier, and quieter. The uPVC material has natural insulating qualities, and when combined with double-glazed windows, can reduce sound significantly and keep temperatures at a desirable level in both winter and summer.


The first install by Eco Auckland also brings an eco-friendly solution to homeowners around the city. As it is a very effective insulator, uPVC makes homes more energy-efficient, reducing both costs and carbon footprints. The material is recycled in Europe, and as the market grows in New Zealand, Eco Auckland expects to be able to recycle it here too, making this style of windows and doors even better for the planet.


If you would like to have uPVC joinery retrofitted or installed in a new build in Auckland, you can contact Eco Auckland online, email the team at, or call on 09 973 0610.