CANDA can provide holistic cyber security planning

Friday 9 August 2019, 3:47PM
By Media Giant

Cyber security is an increasingly hot topic, as many aspects of life move online and a lot of data (and money) is stored and transferred digitally. Keeping private information secure is of utmost importance for both people and businesses—and for the best in cyber security, it’s a good idea to call in the experts. CANDA specialises in helping organisations develop and manage their NZISM (New Zealand Information Security Manual) accreditation and certification requirements, allowing them to stay safe and secure on the world wide web.


CANDA’s new cyber security page is all about planning—and the best way for an organisation to ensure online security is to make a solid plan and put it in place well before any threats make themselves known. This not only keeps your systems and data safe, but it also ensures that the organisation meets and fulfills any relevant requirements. These may include the Protective Security Requirements (PSR), which outline the Government’s expectations for managing personnel, physical, and information security.


Organisations need to be on top of their cyber security planning, because the consequences of unpreparedness are far-reaching and severe. Experts in the field, like CANDA, can offer a holistic look at what needs improving and how to keep everything secure through growth and change.


For quality advice and help with a cyber security plan, get in contact with CANDA.