Brandheart can build teams to strengthen your organisation

Friday 9 August 2019, 3:56PM
By Media Giant

Building strong teams is essential for growth and success in any organisation. Wellington-based company Brandheart is all about strengthening teams, companies, and brands—and their team building-focused programs can help just about any business or group to come together in a way that sparks progress.


Brandheart’s team development page outlines what the company can offer not only Wellington organisations but those all around the nation and the South Pacific. Through workshop-based team building activities, they enable teams to learn more about each other, figure out how to operate as a unit, and increase effectiveness. 


The training sessions are practical, interactive, and fun—and the return on investment is a higher-performing team with direction and purpose. They can be customised to any location, and to suit teams at all levels of an organisation from customer service professionals right up to corporate senior leadership teams. The duration and structure of the sessions are adaptable, but often consist of one full-day workshop with two half-day follow-up sessions.


Team building should be a top priority for any organisation. Brandheart is so named because it works with the heart of any brand—its people. Through doing so, they can help an organisation reach its full potential. 

For more information about team building programs and other services offered by Brandheart, get in contact with them today.