Tristram ŠKODA Proud to Unveil the New High-Performance SUV Kodiaq RS

Tuesday 13 August 2019, 12:02PM
By Beckie Wright

Tristram ŠKODA, the leading ŠKODA dealership in Auckland’s North Shore, is proud to be the newest home of ŠKODA’s first ever high-performance SUV, the ŠKODA Kodiaq RS. With its striking radiator grille, roof rails, window frames, and wing mirrors, all available in a sleek high-gloss black, the Kodiaq RS wears its dynamic ambition on its sleeve.

The RS initials, short for “Rally Sport”, have been a staple of ŠKODA’s sportiest production models in the 21st Century. Originating in 1974, when two rally prototypes, the ŠKODA 180 RS and the 200 RS, were developed to carry on the Czech car manufacturer’s rich 117-year motorsport and rally tradition. ŠKODA is proud to add the Kodiaq to this elite circle, and the RS logo features prominently in the Kodiaq’s new look, accentuating the radiator grille and interior.

Privately owned and operated, Tristram ŠKODA is proud to add the Kodiaq RS to their new, state of the art showroom, which they opened in May 2017 to celebrate 10 years of automotive excellence. Tristram ŠKODA’s unique approach combines a full-service dealership and quality concierge services to provide visitors with a 5-star experience.

The ŠKODA Kodiaq RS is now New Zealand’s most awarded 7 seat SUV, offering a powerful bi-turbo engine, launch control, unique suspension settings, and ŠKODA’s most powerful brake package for a truly innovative driving experience. Inside, electric child safety locks, ticket holders, a spacious jumbo box, and sleep comfort packages make for the most comfortable possible ride.

The 2019 Kodiaq RS is available from $71,990 at Tristram ŠKODA in Takapuna. For more information about the Kodiaq RS from Tristram ŠKODA, click here: