Three65 Spouting's Long Experience Vital For Rainwater Solutions in High Wind Areas

Wednesday 14 August 2019, 6:57PM
By Beckie Wright

THREE65 Spouting can provide the best rainwater solutions for high wind areas, due to their over 24 years’ experience in the Wellington market and with their spouting installed on over 20,000 homes, Three65 Spouting have learnt the hard way how to deal with high wind areas.

Most of the country receives between 600 to 1600mm of rainfall a year, so it is vital to have a sturdy rainwater management system in order to protect your property. Rainwater goods prevent water from getting into the fabric of a building by steering rainwater away from the exterior of walls and the foundations.

Firstly, due to the movement / flexibility of PVC spouting Three65 Spouting have found it’s not suitable in extreme wind zones (Melrose, Brooklyn, Island Bay and parts of Khandallah) and will probably detach in any one of Wellington’s many storms, due to the movement.

Coloursteel 125 Box gutter is another product that doesn’t always fare well in high winds, due to the square shape and lack of any aerodynamics to help move the wind over it, and Three65 Spouting also don’t recommend External Brackets in extreme wind zones (both PVC and Coloursteel) as, over a period of seven years they fatigue at the base of the bracket.

What they do recommend is Coloursteel ¼ round or 125OG with internal brackets, with the bracket spacing at 500mm intervals (they normally space these at 750mm), and for the large number of insurance companies they do work for, this is what they would recommend replacing the spouting with when the PVC has been blown off.

Three65 Spouting explain that rainwater goods is a loose term for all products installed on the exterior of a building to protect it from the rain. This includes continuous spouting, downpipes and rainwater heads. While practical and necessary, rainwater goods can also serve as a stylish accessory. At Three65 Spouting, they have a range of different designs and specifications for quality rainwater goods, including rainwater goods in an array of colours.

You can enhance the appearance of your house or office building with some sleek rainwater goods, so for more information on continuous spouting Auckland, coloursteel spouting, gutter replacement Auckland and Marley spouting please go to .