Greenhaven Homes' show home exhibits the benefits of their eco-friendly modular homes

Friday 16 August 2019, 10:02AM
By Media Giant

Buying a home from blueprints is less than ideal for most prospective homeowners. When it comes to a new build, buyers can’t always visit an exact model of what their finished home will look like—but want to get a feel for the builders, their style, and the quality of architecture, materials and finishes. Greenhaven Homes’ show home, located in Manakau ten minutes south of Levin and an hour north of Wellington, offers customers the chance to experience what their modular homes can offer.


Greenhaven homes are designed to maximise space and comfort, while minimising energy expenditure and therefore cost. The clever architectural design is best seen—and felt—in person, so a visit to the show home is a must for anyone considering having a Greenhaven home built. While each Greenhaven home can be customised greatly to suit the person or family who will live there, the show home will offer a good idea of what they are like, how they can be made to unique specifications, their eco-friendly nature, and the quality of design and materials.

Those who like what they see at the Greenhaven show home and on the company’s website will appreciate the fast build time that these modular homes offer. Depending on the home purchased, delivery and build times (outside of site service connections) can be between 10 and 18 weeks. If you’d like to know more, take a look at Greenhaven Homes’ website or contact their team on 0800 777 175. You can also make a booking online to visit the show home in Manakau.