DC Builders Design and Construct

Thursday 22 August 2019, 1:30PM
By Beckie Wright

DC Builders stands for ‘design and construct’ and that describes their business to a ‘t’. Founders, Mel and Justin Riley have a combined expertise in architectural design, construction and leadership, and have built up a portfolio of successful projects, and a community of happy and loyal clients who would recommend their expert home building services to anyone. Their roots are in residential construction and home design, and this is what sets them apart from their competitors.

DC Builders pride themselves on delivering high quality projects with expertise and reliability, and it has always been their dream to establish and operate a company that is based on workmanship and trustworthiness. Their integrated design/build system, personal service and transparent communication ensures that from design to construction, the whole process is stress free and enjoyable for every client they meet.

The DC Builders team are all registered Master Builders/Certified Builders, giving their customers the added comfort that all work completed is backed by a Ten Year Builders’ Guarantee. Having nurtured strong relationships with a network of well-regarded subcontractors, they use only the best materials and systems for new builds, renovations and reclad. Their team is young, passionate and highly skilled and has grown to become a team of house builders, designers and renovation/recladding specialists.

As Certified Builders and Master Builders, DC Builders pride themselves on their quality, and this is a direct reflection of the expertise of their subcontractors. As a customer you can rest assured you will have the same tradespeople working on your home that have worked on their previous projects time and time again.

DC Builders design from a builder’s perspective, and conversely, they build with their designer’s hat on, so to find out more about certified builders, home renovation and renovation contractors please visit the website at .