Pre-Spring Time is Twinset Time at Wendy's Boutique

Thursday 29 August 2019, 11:59AM
By Beckie Wright

This month Wendy’s is featuring the Twinset label, clearly an Italian brand, with its delicious blend of femininity (romantic yet not too frou-frou), luxurious fabrics and fabulous styling, and with its roots in the fashion hub of Milan. The pieces are all unique – a subtle blend of a little bit boho and a little bit femme fatale – yet they have a common thread. They are all simply stunning.

Every season there is a new delight at Wendy’s Boutique, whether it’s through the soft silkiness of the fabric, or the delicate palette of the floral patterns. The contrasts amid the collection are everywhere – on one piece there will be lace, on another leopard print. There are sequins that adorn but do not drown, or the silhouette that perfectly complements every figure type. As each new season comes around the big reveal positions itself in the luxurious but accessible bracket. The pieces are most certainly investments, which is why there is an air of timeless sophistication about them. The dresses will wow, but not date, and the tops will be statement pieces that continue to make an entrance every time they are worn.

Undeniably romantic, Twinset hits just the right note of contemporary style that makes the appeal so international. There is an agelessness about the garments that’s hard to put your finger on. You might suspect some pieces would be perfect for the millennial market, but then in walks a baby boomer who knocks it out of the park in the same dress.

So what does the spring collection have in store? Well, suffice to say that it does not disappoint, with animal print hot to trot for the year ahead. Unless you’re fast it’s a sure bet that the stunning leopard print will be snapped up before you can say ‘mine’. But fear not, if you miss that, then take a look at the Japanese inspired dress. A base of sheer black is lit up by a stunning floral display in a soft pastel palette, super cool when accessorised with a belt. If you love Chanel, this season Twinset has the perfect Chanel style classic tweed coat, and they also do a raincoat!

No matter your age or style, Wendy’s Boutique will always have something you love, so for more information on designer shoes NZ and designer women’s clothes please go to .