Rethink Answer Some Frequently Asked Questions

Friday 30 August 2019, 5:22PM
By Beckie Wright

As part of their pledge to “make your life easier”, Rethink have a page on their website for frequently asked questions, and one of the most frequent is do they charge a fee. The answer is that typically, their services are completely free of charge, but for certain circumstances they may charge a fee and this will be discussed with you at the beginning.

Other people ask why they should use a mortgage adviser. Rethink say that as

mortgage advisers they can negotiate more favourable terms than you can get directly with the bank. They also know which bank is going to suit your needs better. Similarly, people want to know if they can pay their mortgage off early.

Rethink can provide you with advice on how to structure your loan to achieve your finance goals, including paying off your mortgage sooner than planned.

In this case, the question is are there any charges if they repay their loan early.

Depending on the mortgage product you choose there may be early repayment chargers. However, as Rethink believe in complete transparency, so if there are any charges you will know about them right up front.

Another FAQ is, “How often should I review my mortgage”? Rethink say you should talk to them if your fixed loan rate is about to expire or there is a big change in your life that will affect how you want to repay your loan. Don’t let your current lender review and set new terms – Rethink can help you see what other lenders are offering to make sure you can get the best deal.

Most banks don’t lend over 80% LVR unless the proposal is really strong, but you needn’t worry, there are alternatives, and Rethink has the solution. Similarly, as per the Reserve Bank’s LVR restrictions, Banks cannot lend over 65% LVR if you want to buy an investment property.

Rethink provide a complete range of services from home loans, insurance (for individuals and businesses) and KiwiSaver, and they also have trusted professionals in many other areas like legal and accounting, so for more information on refinancing mortages NZ, non-bank mortage lenders NZ and unsecured personal loans NZ please go to .