Ikoi Spa Offer Harmony Packages

Friday 30 August 2019, 7:59PM
By Beckie Wright

The Enzyme Spa at Ikoi Spa is the first and only of its kind in New Zealand, and this month we look at their Harmony Packages, specially chosen to help you relax, reducing tension and stress, while invigorating and softening your skin, and detoxifing your body.


Enzyme Spa is a traditional Japanese deep heating ritual, tracing its origins over 90 years. Made from a unique blend of rice bran, pinewood sawdust and Japanese enzymes carefully sourced from organic fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and seaweeds grown in Hokkaido, Japan, this warming, dry spa releases tension, detoxifies the body and both invigorates and softens skin.


Ikoi Spa offers the following Harmony Packages:


Enzyme Spa & Oil Massage/Shiatsu Massage

$238 130mins

Melt away with a 60minute Ikoi signature Enzyme Spa, and a 10 mins detox time, before enjoying a 60 minute Oil / Shiatsu Massage. Choose from a selection of pure essential oils to enhance your massage.


Sothys Seasonal/Classic Facial

$248 120mins

Relax in a 60 minute Ikoi signature Enzyme Spa and a 10 mins detox time, then reveal your skin’s natural radiance with a Sothys seasonal / Class facial.


Specific Contouring Treatment

$258 130mins

Indulge in a 60minute ikoi signature Enzyme Spa and a 10 mins detox time, followed by a Sothys Self-Heating Mud & Stubborn Areas Treatment to alleviate stress, smooth the skin and target areas of uneven contour.


Ikoi have worked with Super Ohtaka in Hokkaido, Japan to create the original and uncompromised dry Enzyme Spa, so for more information on spa treatments Auckland, traditional Japanese spas and massages North Shore please go to .