Commercial Traders Now Have Scale Paper

Saturday 31 August 2019, 12:14AM
By Beckie Wright

Commercial Traders, well known providers of everything to do with office furniture have recently added scale paper to their website, to make it easier for their customers to work out whether their new office furniture will fit or not.

They have noticed that the common scenario for them is when a customer comes into the store to start looking for ideas for new office furniture, only to realise that they have no idea how big their space is. To make this task easier for the customer, they have created downloadable scale paper that will give you the opprtunity to measure up and get a rough ide of what will work before you start planning your next office furniture upgrade.


All measurements are in millimetres and should be printed at A4 size, and below are the maximum measurements for each download, so that you can find the best option for you.
Small Room - 3.8 metres (3,800mm)  x 5.6 metres (5,600mm)
Medium Room 9.5 metres (9,500 mm) x 13.5 metres (13,500mm)
Large Room 19 metres (19,000mm) x 27 metres 27,000mm)
Small Room - Click On The Image to Download the PDF

An important consideration when planning your office, is that their products will have dimensions to allow you to work out what will fit. What you will then need to consider is allowing suitable space for circulation.

A standard doorway is around 850mm wide and it is a good idea to allow at least that amount for any space that requires chairs to be moved in and out, or to pass between desks. It you have back-to-back desks, then the 850mm should be for each side (1700mm in total).

Commercial Traders have a huge selection of office furniture for you to peruse, and for more information on office furniture, office furniture Auckland and office cabinets please go to