Zen Take the Loved One's Perspective on Addiction

Thursday 12 September 2019, 5:33PM
By Beckie Wright

Zen’s care facilities and services are dedicated both to the individual and the family, with a deep understanding of how devastating addiction can be, affecting not only the individual, but the whole family and everyone involved. Zen use a holistic approach to Addiction Treatment and Recovery; an approach focused on connection and the therapeutic community.

Zen work with the families and loved ones to broaden their understanding that their loved ones are sick, it is an illness and it was not their choice. Addiction is a disease in which recovery requires total abstinence, so it’s easier if the families and loved ones walk bedside them on the road to recovery: in fact it is the only way.

Families usually have no idea that their loved one has an addiction, but they will experience their child slowly pulling away from them, as they become progressively unwell. Regular visits will stop, then the phone calls, then only texting back and then not answering at all. A gradual disconnection from everything.  However, unfortunately their loved one would fly off the handle in a rage if the subject was raised, meaning that they avoided the topic, which then meant their loved one ended up avoiding them completely.

Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease, and if left untreated, will create chaos, destroy relationships, families, communities and may eventually result in death. Addiction affects 12.3 % of New Zealand’s population, which amounts to over 500,000 and is closer to 600,000.  Of those in active addiction only 10% want and ask for help - it is hidden behind doors of shame and guilt.

Addiction is a family disease, and families and loved ones experience grief, shame, anxiety, depression, disgust, irritability, feels of helplessness and ultimately, loss of hope.

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