Dimond Tricore™ Roofing Sheets: Case Study Hawkes Bay Sports Park

Monday 16 September 2019, 5:24PM
By Beckie Wright

Dimond Roofing recently completed a project for the EIT Institute of Sport & Health in Hawkes Bay, which consisted of weather securing continuous roofing sheets with no end laps or joins which rely on sealant; the slotted roof rail and fastening system negates the use of long fasteners through the roof sheet that would flex due to thermal expansion.

The slotted roof rail design allows the required amount of air movement to control moisture, resulting in lower moisture levels than other systems year round, removing the need to rely on a vapour barrier and reducing the risk of moisture accumulating sufficiently to cause corrosion of the roof sheet.

It comes with consistent R-Value across the roof, reliable for the life of the roof, and the fastening system reduces energy loss from thermal bridging. You have a choice of roof profile, including Dimondek 630 clip-fastened roof sheets in continuous lengths up to 90m. 

Tricore™ is straightforward and easy to install to Building Code requirements, using the Metal Roofing Code of Practice. The building is closed in quickly enabling sequencing of sub-trades to be optimised, and is easy to maintain as the roof sheet can easily be replaced if damaged without disturbing the insulation.
Tricore™ is designed in New Zealand specifically for the rigors of New Zealand’s environment. New Zealand Building Code compliant to clause E2/AS1 and H1, and comes eith a 15 year system warranty.

When condensation forms on the underside of the roof sheet (or in extreme cases possibly on the top surface of the underlay) it will be directly exposed to air movement in the air space and will dry out rather than accumulate. The air movement is facilitated by the design of the roof rail to allow sufficient air movement from eaves to ridge. The ventilation is driven by both air pressure difference between eaves and ridge and thermal buoyancy within the air space.

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