Indulge Yourself This Spring With the Perfect Massage at Spa Ayurda

Wednesday 18 September 2019, 11:28AM
By Beckie Wright

Spa Ayurda’s treatments are not one-size-fits-all. They tailor each and every treatment to what you are going through and what your body needs at that time, 

and theirgoal is to bring your body, mind and spirit back into harmony after the long winter months. When you start one of their services, you will have a brief discussion or questionnaire so your practitioner can choose the appropriate treatment based on where your imbalance is, so here are some of their best treatments to keep you healthy!

Moksha - The perfect indulgence this season! This treatment helps to stimulate deep circulatory stagnation and to counter the stiffness and dryness of your skin after the long winter. The experience starts with a warm medicated oil massage using customised rhythmic strokes suited to your body type that will unblock the stagnated energy and leave you in a blissful state. This is followed by herbalised steam to open the channels and to absorb the nourishment leaving you feel lighter, refreshed and energetic.

Samarpana is a detoxifying synchronized massage given by two therapists at the same time. One of the most ancient Ayurvedic treatments – a synchronised massage is designed to improve circulation and calm the nervous system of your body. Your expert therapists will synchronize their massage stocks, identifying and unblocking your marma (energy) points, enabling energy to flow around the body in a more rhythmic way. A highly detoxifying treatment to flush toxins from the deeper tissues of the body.

Tri-dosha is a beautifully nourishing and rejuvenating experience. Warm herbal oils are used to pacify the doshas, relieve fatigue, provide stamina, promote longevity and nourish all parts of the body. Your body is skilfully massaged to regulate the energy flow and return your body to balance and harmony.

These treatments, as delightful and enjoyable as they are, provide very solid health benefits regarding stress, muscle, digestive issues etc, so on the more practical side these massages have huge benefits.

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