Spring Clean Your Shower With Alex Cleaning Solutions

Wednesday 18 September 2019, 5:15PM
By Beckie Wright

You may wonder, why only after a year your shower glass gets dirty, even though you use clear water to spray it after you finish showering. There is a logical reason behind it. We all think that the glass surface is smooth, but glass seen under a microscope is actually porous. Therefore when minerals from the water come in contact with the glass, part of them will embed themselves into the shower glass as well as the soap scum. After time this process will make your shower glass muddy and make cleaning it extremely difficult.
What’s more, the degree of mineral residue depends on the water quality, age and material of the shower. Alex Cleaning Solutions can apply protection to the glass which will repel the water and protect the glass for longer. They also provide solutions for glass restoration, protection or any maintenance issues you may have, and are an environmentally conscious company. The products they use have the highest green standard in the industry.

Alex Cleaning Solutions can renovate your old shower glass using their quality glass cleaning productsk, and in most cases 95% of showers will clean back to around 90% of new. Maintenance and care vary substantially according to the type of area (treated surface type and location/exposure) and the abrasion which the material is exposed to. Abrasion can be anything mechanical (like a wiper) or non-mechanical force (such as dust) affecting the product. Thus, an exterior glass structure (balustrades) as exposed to the weather will require a much different maintenance and care then an interior porcelain sink lavatory or a ceramic tile bathroom wall. They can also clean kitchen granite bench tops.

Alex Cleaning Solutions will provide you with the highest standard of treatment using European import products, and don’t forget, a glass that is professionally cleaned not only looks great but is more hygienic, so for more information on shower cleaning Auckland, carpet cleaning Auckland and carpet cleaning Manukau please go to .