Prestige Doors & Gates Look at Electric Gates

Wednesday 18 September 2019, 5:23PM
By Beckie Wright

If you’re thinking of installing or upgrading an electric gate and you’ve got concerns, Prestige Doors and Gates can answer some of your questions. For example, people want to know about the maintenance of their gate. Typically, people assume that newer, more complicated gates will require more upkeep, but by and large, the simple switch to a mechanical gate opener shouldn’t require more maintenance. You can talk to the team at Prestige Doors and Gates about their gate maintenance services and what they can offer you from the beginning in terms of ongoing servicing and repair.

Another major concern they see is power supply. Thankfully, many modern electric gates’ batteries don’t need any attention at all, as most models have a back-up battery that can work for about eight hours which should tide you over until another power source can be connected. There is also always the possibility of switching the gate to operate manually which would allow you to open the gate by hand, meaning you will always be able to access your property.

The best thing you can do about this concern is to ask a specialist. Everyone’s home is a little bit different, and that means everyone’s front gate power supply needs a different solution, so you can talk to Prestige Doors and Gates about the best option for you.

Finally, there is the question of cybersecurity. Over the past few years, cybersecurity has become a much more important topic for homeowners, as domestic ‘smart’ tech has become more popular. However, a lot of the headlines and news articles shared online focus on much more advanced smart-home technologies than your automated gate. Electric gates simply don’t have that many vulnerabilities to exploit. In many ways, an electric gate is the best thing you can do for your basic home security, as these are often more difficult than manual gates to force open.

You can talk to the team here at Prestige Doors & Gates today, and they’ll be able to walk you through any part of your architectural garage doors or custom gates, and for more information on gates Auckland, architectural garage doors and garage door specialists please go to .