QRisk Provide VIP Close Protection Services

Wednesday 18 September 2019, 6:30PM
By Beckie Wright

QRisk provide professional services that safeguard clients and their families, where there is a real or perceived risk, and CP or Close Protection is the more formal name or phrase given to providing people or organisations with bodyguard services. The need for vip close protection is therefore risk based, and at QRisk that’s exactly how they approach every requirement for their Executive and VIP close protection services.

The role can involve 24 hour support, literally being on the clients shoulder and co-located at their home or accommodation, or it can be event specific such as a function where protesters are expected is a common example. Again it is risk based and the need and type of close protection is based on that risk. Close protection can be provided by an individual or by a close protection team, where the number on the team depends on the client’s requirements and the risk based assessment.

A professional relationship needs to exist between the client and the close protection operative. If their is no professional relationship there is no trust. If there is no trust then the client won’t have the required level of confidence to go about their business, knowing the the close protection operative or team is squared away and doing their job.

QRisk recommend that those needing  VIP protection should take time to consider the credentials of those they are thinking of engaging. If there is genuine risk that needs mitigating then you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the people you engage. You should seek out industry professionals and those with subject matter expertise in providing the right level of executive, VIP close protection services.

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