Agent Finder NZ Give the Pros & Cons of Selling Your Home Privately

Wednesday 18 September 2019, 8:14PM
By Beckie Wright

Did you know that the average asking price by people selling their home privately is 12 per cent less than properties listed with agents according to Trade Me data reported in 2016? Agent Finder NZ say that approximately 11 per cent of properties are for private sale. Although the exact quantity unsold is not measured to their knowledge, it is said that too many of them have to go to market a second time with an agent after struggling to find and keep buyers who often don’t actually want to deal directly with the home owner.

A successful property sale is reliant on a planned, coordinated and managed legal process by a competent real estate agent licensed by the Real Estate Authority (REA) and vetted by Agent Finder NZ. Real estate agents don't only liaise with you, they help buyers through the buying process, which can include liaising with insurance companies, banks, mortgage brokers, property inspectors, valuers or lawyers. It is these relationships that help achieve a sale to completion, so if going it alone, it can be more costly than you think and why many fail to sell privately.

Those are the cons, now for the supposed pros! It's widely accepted that the real estate industry is far from being the most popular industry in New Zealand.

People have had poor experiences, lost confidence in real estate agents or want to avoid paying the commission. There is a wide range of competency levels across the 14,000 licensed real estate agents in New Zealand, ranging from lazy to being an industry gem who practices by the law and goes above and beyond to help their vendors. 

If you want help sifting through the sheer volume and figuring out the competency level of agents in your area, Agent Finder is 100 per cent independent of all real estate brands - and it's free. Remember, even lawyers and real estate agents use real estate agents, so for more information on property agents Auckland, real estate fees and real estate agents Auckland please go to