Listwise Say Clean Data Means Clean Marketing

Monday 23 September 2019, 4:16PM
By Beckie Wright

There's no doubt that the quality of your email marketing list has a direct impact on the quality of responses you'll get from your bulk marketing campaigns, and anybody who sends a high volume of email marketing campaigns knows the value of good, clean data. With ListWise, your data cleaning is done through their global network, allowing them to reference your data against known bounced emails and spam traps, making sure you end up with the cleanest possible list.

Quite often, bulk email lists contain a lot of generic and no-reply email addresses hidden among the good ones. While sending to those addresses doesn't always generate a bounce, it does reduce your response rate. One of the biggest and most mysterious issues with email list hygenie is to identify and get rid of spam traps. Listwise have invested a significant amount of resources in assisting marketers escape the spam trap issue and now, they’ve got a highly sophisticated and credible way of not only identifying, but also removing, potential spam traps from your list.

There are hundreds of millions of probable spam traps in the world and it’s inconceivable for anyone to be able to detect and remove all of them. While Listwise don't boast a 100% spam trap free solution, they pride themselves in being transparent about it, and cleaning lists better, faster and cheaper than anyone else on this planet.

If you're an email marketing service provider, their ListWise API can be the difference between you winning or losing the bulk marketing game. ListWise gives you a breakdown of the numbers and percentages of freemail addresses in your list allowing you to develop the right strategic approach for sending to those email addresses.

By ensuring you are sending to good and clean email addresses, your ISP deferrals and rejections are kept low thereby giving you consistent, long term, inbox delivery rates across all major ISPs, so for more information on email validation software, free email cleaners and email services please go to .