Are You Setting FIRE to Your Mortgage, or Just Burning Through Your Cash? enableMe's Hannah McQueen on Why Most People Won't Get Ahead While the Going's Good

Tuesday 24 September 2019, 11:53AM
By Beckie Wright

With interest rates at record lows, Hannah McQueen of enableMe says now is to time to be making progress and getting rid of your mortgage quickly – but too many people risk the opportunity pass them by.

The Reserve Bank would like New Zealanders to take advantage of low rates and spend to help stimulate the economy – and that’s precisely what most people end up doing.

Hannah McQueen says from her experience with clients, while paying the mortgage just got a bit cheaper, that extra money won’t be put to good use, it will simply get swallowed up by unconscious spending or ‘fritter’. That’s because progress is not the default for most people – spending is.

The Authorised Financial Advisor is currently running seminars around the country entitled ‘Set F.I.R.E to Your Mortgage & Retire on Your Terms’ to help people make the most of the low interest rate environment.

F.I.R.E stands for Financially Independent, Retire Early – and while that’s the dream, most people aren’t on track to be able to sustain their lifestyle in retirement. In fact, the majority of retirees run out of money after just 10 years.

McQueen says preparing for retirement takes more than just paying off the mortgage and saving for a bit, which would have sufficed a generation or two ago. Now, because house prices are higher, people buy them and pay them off much later in life and because they’re living much longer – it requires much more strategy and planning. That can be overwhelming sometimes!

But in her seminar series Hannah McQueen will simplify the process, bust myths around money, detail the mindset and strategy required to get ahead and share tips on how to kill your mortgage as fast as possible and prepare for retirement.

To ensure you’re using record-low interest rates to get ahead at a record pace, get along to one of the seminars, or contact enableMe – Financial Personal Trainers for an initial consultation today.

Hannah McQueen is an Authorised Financial Advisor, chartered accountant, personal finance author and the founder of enableMe – Financial Personal Trainers, so for more information on money coaching, financial advisors Wellington and personal financial planning please go to .