Max Loans Offering Competitive Car Finance Rates From 9.95%

Thursday 26 September 2019, 1:30PM
By Beckie Wright

Max Loans is proud to further their status as one of the most trusted names in car loans NZ wide, offering competitive car finance rates from 9.95%. For Kiwis hoping to purchase a new or used car, having the cash in hand ahead of time offers much greater bargaining power with dealerships. Dealerships and private sellers alike would prefer to deal with a cash buyer and are often more willing to negotiate. Getting pre-approved for a car loan also makes clear a borrower’s spending limit, greatly aiding the budgeting process.

Conveniently situated on Auckland’s North Shore, Max Loans has years of experience assisting those in need of a loan. With a helpful online loan calculator and friendly service from an expert lending adviser available, Max Loans works with borrowers to help them understand their borrowing potential and determine competitive rates and terms.

Most of Max Loans’ interest rates are fixed (occasionally, lenders offer floating rates), and repayment terms can be extended up to seven years, giving borrowers exceptional flexibility when crafting their loan terms. Interest rates begin at 9.95% but are based on the borrower’s credit history. Making a car loan a secured personal loan can be an effective way to bring down the interest rate on a car loan.

Max Loans’ car loans are not limited to standard vehicle purchases. Any excess borrowed can be treated just like any other personal loan, spent on holidays, home renovations, medical expenses, and more. The flexibility of Max Loans’ borrowing options is just part of what makes their car finance options so attractive to so many Kiwis.

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