CFS Bridge Finance on Financial Analysis

Monday 30 September 2019, 5:36PM
By Beckie Wright

Financial Analysis considers a broad range of elements when individuals decide on getting a business loan. CFS Bridge Finance tells us what factors financial analysts look for when business owners decide to make major decisions regarding their business.

Whether it be a new property investment, staff expansion, or acquisition of new businesses, financial analysts will look into one’s past and present financial data to create a forecast for your business’ future performance. This allows for better financial planning and help determine whether a bridge loan is necessary.

According to Bridge Finance, financial analysts look at four essential factors when assessing the overall financial health of one’s business – (1) leverage (2) liquidity (3) profitability (4) efficiency

Leverage is how much one’s business capital has been contributed by investors as opposed to creditors. This help financial analysts know whether your business leveraged or borrowed money to finance the purchase of assets.

Liquidity is a business’ ability to pay existing expenses with its current profit while profitability is one’s return on investment. Efficiency is how much product or service a business can generate based on their expenses.

All these four are key indicators of one’s business financial performance. Altogether, they create a better picture of one’s financial analysis.

For CFS Bridge Finance, Bridging finance along with financial analysis are critical when it comes to making financial business decisions. Bridging finance a short-term loan that can help one’s business during business shifts. And working with a trusted loan company that can provide tailored financial solutions can significantly help meet one’s business needs and make it grow further.

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