Auckland Car Dealership Takes on Hybrids: Why They're Better than Pure Electric Vehicles

Monday 30 September 2019, 6:41PM
By Beckie Wright

Penrose car dealership Motor Co is joining the charge for a greener Earth by stocking hybrids as part of their pre-loved repertoire. Their unique stance on vehicles and the environment, alongside their rapid growth, has made them a business to watch. Like many of the Uber drivers and eco-minded motorists around New Zealand, Motor Co emphasises the benefits of a hybrid drivetrain over that of a pure electric car.

A hybrid car incorporates an electric motor into the gasoline-powered drivetrain, either operating together in-sync or one kicking in after the other. Cars like the Toyota Prius can do any of these, and drive to the exact specifications of the owner. Fewer emissions, higher gas mileage and a silent drive are all key aspects of a hybrid car. When compared to purely gasoline-fueled Japanese used cars, hybrids demonstrate a level of efficiency that is very attractive for Kiwi drivers, which is why Motor Co is now stocking them in their lots.

Furthermore, Motor Co believes in catering to both the environment as well as the convenience of the driver, which makes a hybrid the perfect vehicle. Anyone who owns an electric car is going to have one thing on their minds: the range. The “range” is the distance a purely electric car can travel on one charge, and while many high-end electric vehicles can go the distance, most affordable models present an issue for the consumer. The car runs out of charge fairly quickly, introducing what many call “range anxiety” into the equation; no one enjoys being stranded.

The fantastic thing about hybrids is that they have several modes of operation, and can therefore prevent that range anxiety from occurring. If they choose the right model, drivers can choose to drive in fully-electric eco mode and only have the gasoline kick in once electricity runs out. Or, if the systems run in parallel, the driver will need to refill the tank with much less frequency, which is better for the environment. Convenience and an environmentally-friendly mindset, melded together.

If you would like to learn more about Motor Co’s hybrid cars, or if you want to buy a used car in New Zealand, visit their website.