For Exceptional Service Choose Home Care Packages from Accent Home Care

Monday 30 September 2019, 6:47PM
By Beckie Wright

Home Care Packages from Accent Home Care allows families to look after their loved ones exceptionally well, while giving them the flexibility to balance other requirements like work and family. Accent Home Care can also customise services depending on the individual needs of their clients, both men and women.

The Accent Home Care packages are government funded to assist elderly loved ones to remain independent in their own homes for longer. The available packages allow flexibility with the types of services that are available depending on individual needs.  Home Care Packages Program helps older Australians with complex care requirements to live independently in their own homes.

Under the Aged Care Act 1997, the Australian Government provides a subsidy to an approved provider of home care to coordinate a package of care, services and case management to meet the individual needs of older Australians.

Individuals are assessed by a professional assessor using a nationally consistent assessment framework. There are four levels of support: Home Care Level 1 – basic care needs; Home Care Level 2 – low level care needs; Home Care Level 3 – intermediate care needs and Home Care Level 4 – high care needs. During the assessment process each individual’s priority for care is also determined. Individuals approved for a home care package are placed on a national queue until a package becomes available and is assigned to them. 

Accent Home Care works with families to understand care options, providing confident advice and support so individuals can enjoy living independently at home. Accent Home Care enables clients to stay at home by having support and services in place such as meals preparation, personal care, social activities, domestic assistance, tele-health, allied health, continence aids, equipment, nursing care and many more.  They provide choices and enable the clients to set their own goals and direct those goals higher by themselves or with the assistance of their family, friends, carers and/or a designated Care Advisor.

In order to become eligible for a government funded home care package, an assessment can be done by My Aged Care. Alternatively, they can also arrange private home care services which are self-funded on a private basis. The care packages from Accent Home Care are dependent on the funding available.

Personal care advisors from Accent Home Care can sit down with families, listen to their needs and goals, and create an individualised and flexible care plan. The care advisors provide guidance and support now and into the future, responding as needs change.


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