Make Your Immigration Process Simpler with Fluid Recruitment

Monday 30 September 2019, 7:11PM
By Beckie Wright

Professionals looking to relocate to New Zealand will find Fluid Recruitment to be accommodating, supportive and knowledgeable. Fluid Recruitment has the experience and expertise to be able to advise their clients on the potential benefits of appointing from overseas within skill short industry sectors and can work with the hiring manager and the job seeker to overcome the various challenges on route to help ensure a successful outcome.

The company offers assistance to skilled candidates, who meet the requirements to come to New Zealand, and require the final job offer to move here. They have the skills, alliances and proven experience to deliver professionally skilled staff within budget and on time, creating a cost effective solution to complement the growth and change strategy of any business.

Fluid Recruitment has been working heavily with skilled workers from around the globe, especially South Africa, in the fields of Accounting, Finance, IT and Electrical Engineering. New Zealand is an attractive lifestyle destination. The team focus on carefully selecting the right candidates and pairing employers and job seekers to ensure they have a good fit and a successful long-term relationship. Their comprehensive recruitment process includes relocation support and advice.

To make the Immigration process simpler Fluid Recruitment’s dedicated team can work alongside a Job Seekers chosen Immigration Adviser to provide all the required information regarding a job vacancy in a timely and efficient manner to help with a visa application. Alternatively, if needed, Fluid Recruitment are able to recommend a licensed organisation that they have partnered with who are immigration experts for the New Zealand market and can provide customised solutions to individuals and families. Their advisers are able to assist with establishing eligibility for visas and can provide assistance in negotiating the emotional, financial and complex process that is migration.

Fluid Recruitment is a national provider of Recruitment Services in New Zealand across multiple industry verticals including IT, Engineering, Manufacturing & Operations, Accounting & Finance, Planning & Surveying, Administration, Humans Resources and Sales & Marketing. Fluid Recruitment is a locally owned business with the head office based in Dunedin, and with alliances across all New Zealand main centres, the United Kingdom and Australia. Through these alliances they have connected many professionals from across the world with New Zealand employers.

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