Cloud Edge offering personal 0800 numbers in New Zealand

Tuesday 1 October 2019, 11:04AM
By Media Giant

A leading Wellington VoIP provider is now offering personal 0800 numbers to New Zealanders, designed to bridge the gap between large business and SMEs by providing the same business-to-customer connectivity for everyone.


SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are incredibly prevalent in New Zealand. Comprising over 97 per cent of enterprises in New Zealand, according to New Zealand’s Institute of Directors, they understandably play a key role in the New Zealand economy - SMEs employ nearly 600,000 Kiwis and contribute 28 per cent of the NZ GDP.


With so many SMEs in New Zealand, competition is understandably fierce. This is why so many small-business owners are turning to digital marketing - to give their business a step up in an already crowded and competitive environment. Now, personal 0800 numbers can help even sole traders, one-person businesses, or any individual looking to make their mark with New Zealand customers.


If you’re interested in a personal 0800 number, Cloud Edge make the process very simple:


  • Personal 0800 numbers from Cloud Edge are available anywhere in NZ.
  • The service is toll-free and operates through cloud technology.
  • Cloud Edge allocate an 0800 number to you.
  • PrePaid 0800 numbers require a low monthly fee.
  • PrePaid 0800 numbers can use an auto-top-up to ensure it is always working.


Cloud Edge also offer business 0800 numbers, allowing for greater customisation and freedom of choice with your 0800 number.


Cloud Edge is a leading VoIP provider located in Lower Hutt, Wellington. If you’re considering a personal 0800 number and want to speak to one of the team about your options, visit today, or call 0800 303 202 for more information.