Midas NZ Encourages Kiwis to Service their Cars for the Upcoming Labour Weekend

Tuesday 1 October 2019, 9:06PM
By Beckie Wright

Midas NZ, the trusted partner of motorists for car service and expertise, encourages car owners to service their car at Midas NZ as the labour weekend approaches.

The Labour weekend is fast approaching and many individuals are planning to travel with their friends and family to take some deserved time off, spend time relaxing, and make the most of the weekend. Midas NZ reminds vehicle owners to get the Midas NZ Peace of Mind Vehicle Servicing before October 28, or before they venture out to enjoy their respective weekend plans.

Midas NZ is proactively looking out for their customers’ car, van, SUV or UTE to ensure vehicle owners can enjoy trouble-free motoring. The car mechanics at Midas NZ offer various vehicle service packages designed to stay on top of the key maintenance areas of one’s vehicle without any over-the-top extras. 

With an honest approach to service and repair work, customers can fully entrust their vehicles to Midas NZ for any work that needs to be done.

Midas NZ has three categories for their standard services: the Basic, Smart, and Premium packages. The Basic service is a simple service that entails a quick check between full-service vehicles. It can range from replacing one’s engine oil to lubricating doors and chassis.

The Smart service is one of the most popular and standard services of Midas NZ which involves all the inclusions of the basic service plus the Midas Peace of Mind Inspection. Midas NZ runs through a 33-point comprehensive visual inspection and checks the vehicle’s fluids. Under the bonnet, under vehicle, brakes, and tyres.

The premium service is Midas NZ’s most comprehensive service and is ideal for vehicle owners who have gone a little too long between service. It includes the Midas Peace of Mind Inspection, performing of engine management system scan, rotating tyres, and more.

Midas NZ also offers specialised services – Diesel, Euro, and Logbook adapted to suit your brand vehicle.

To learn more, visit the Midas NZ website at