Tier4 Introduces 3 Services & Support Packages Customised to Suit Business Needs

Wednesday 2 October 2019, 2:39PM
By Beckie Wright

Tier4, one of most well-established IT companies in Auckland, is a proud provider of information management services and support packages for small, medium-sized, and large businesses for efficient and uninterrupted IT operations. The packages have been introduced with IT-related challenges that businesses face all the time, and interfere with their operations, in mind.

The services and support packages, offered by Tier4, offer freedom to companies to develop a distinct plan that specifically meets their unique requirements. Server Care packages are available that cover monthly maintenance of the servers, ensuring that all upgrades and patches are made per a pre-arranged rotation.

Additionally, Remote Care packages provide protection for remote support systems and users, with a full-time support desk available during business hours to assist with additional backing.

Alternatively, Tier4’s comprehensive Total Care package offers thorough protection for a client’s full arsenal of technology. As the name implies, total Care allows users to fully outsource complete IT services ranging machines, servers, networks to other IT equipment. It also provides industry-leading remote and onsite support, workshop and server maintenance.

Tier4’s team of experienced professionals ensure that the support and services provided are tailored to suit unique business needs. Each support package can be customised to accommodate different services for different needs. With fifteen years of success, Tier4 have amassed lengthy list of satisfied clients and a reputation for quality information technology solutions. With a team of over 20 experienced IT experts and professionals, Tier4 is proud to support New  Zealand businesses.

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