Country-Wide Online Escort Directory Launches in New Zealand – Ooohlala Escorts is Here

Thursday 3 October 2019, 12:56PM
By Beckie Wright

New Zealand escorts now have a safe, moderated online platform to help them do business with clientele all across the country, and that platform is Ooohlala Escorts. Safety is an issue for escorts operating independently, or even with an agency, so this new website is an ideal way for each individual to control their business according to their discretion. In fact, this was the reason for its creation. Anyone can list themselves on the website by paying a weekly fee, and since Ooohlala aims to attract a high calibre of clientele, they are helpful in establishing a good quality profile.

Aside from privacy policies that protect escorts listing themselves on the website, Ooohlala has a list of enforced rules and etiquette guidelines for clients engaging the services of the women in the directory. These guidelines include policies around protection during intimacy, ways to contact an escort, and reminders that although it should be enjoyable, the premise of the interaction is a business arrangement. Most of all, they provide resources and avenues for escorts to access in the event that they find themselves in need of the help, including links to the NZPC (New Zealand Prostitutes Collective).

This is also a hugely beneficial platform for people seeking escorts all over New Zealand, as they are now able to connect with their ideal high-class escort based on services offered, appearance, location and fee. This is a modern solution to an age-old problem, and demonstrates that society really is moving into the future in all regards.

If you are interested in listing yourself as part of an escort agency in New Zealand, as an independent escort, or if you are seeking an escort for a night of revelry, follow the link below.