Plumbing Renovation In Remuera

Friday 4 October 2019, 10:41AM
By Parris Plumbing Ltd


Parris Plumbing Ltd has just finished an extensive plumbing renovation in Remuera. 

Parris plumbing was contacted the morning after a large storm hit Auckland. There was extensive roof damage caused by one of the roofing sheets that had come loose from the wind. The roofing iron has smashed into other parts of the roof piercing holes causing major leaks into the house. 

The job ended up becoming a full renovation. On top of the full roof replacement, Parris Plumbing was tasked with helping design and carry out pre pipe and fit-out on the Remuera villa. 

Kitchen renovation included:

Fitting the new kitchen sink and taps
Wastewater drains
Hot and cold water supply
Installation of the waste master and dishwasher.

Bathroom renovation included:

Installation of the toilet
Bathroom sink and tap installation
Shower installation
Vanity installation
Wastewater replacement
New water supply taps

The customer was extremely pleased with the finished result.  

Check the link for full information and photos