How One Business Turned Excess Inventory into Increased Profits Through the Power of Bartercard

Monday 7 October 2019, 1:00PM
By Beckie Wright

In this article Byron Smith, Managing Director of Total Finish Painting, talks about the benefits Bartercard has brought to his business since joining the network in September 2018. Byron says that as a direct result of joining Bartercard in just a short space of time, they have received a number of quote requests that they wouldn’t have necessarily received and secured more jobs because they can accept payment through Bartercard’s electronic currency, trade dollars.

Byron says, “We have been really impressed with how our Trade Broker has gone above and beyond in marketing our company’s services across the network. We are regularly receiving referrals which not only is a good endorsement for our business, but it also shows the power of Bartercard and how easy it is to build your client base further. We are really excited about the impact Bartercard will bring to our cashflow and the opportunities it presents”.

Bartercard provides business opportunities to its members by making use of unused trading capacity and excess inventory to increase profits and get new customers, and Total Finish Painting Contractors is just one of the Bartercard members delivering professional results for all their clients’ painting and decorating needs throughout Canterbury and wider South Island region.

Bartercard simply allows its members to pay for products and services using trade dollars instead of paying in cash. These trade dollars are then used to offset cash expenses within your business. Trade dollars are a well-recognised and accepted method of payment in New Zealand. One trade dollar is equivalent to one New Zealand dollar for all accounting and taxation purposes.

Each time you spend with trade dollars, that expense will come back to you when you get more customers from another Bartercard member. New customers generated by Bartercard will be incremental to your existing cash business, and therefore will not interfere with your existing business model. 

You can also download the free e-book, ‘How to Use Bartercard to Grow Your business’ to find out how much you stand to gain from joining the Bartercard network.  For more information on about customer loyalty schemes, increasing profits and getting new customers please go to .