Eco Tauranga's uPVC windows and doors offer secure multi-point locking

Tuesday 8 October 2019, 11:46AM
By Media Giant

Secure and well-sealed doors and windows are essential to holding warmth in and keeping out anything or anyone that’s unwanted. A good seal and a strong locking mechanism is a priority for Eco Tauranga, and their quality uPVC joinery products are made with this in mind. The company is now providing their fantastic, secure doors and windows in and around Tauranga and the surrounding region.


There are many reasons to choose the range of uPVC doors and windows on offer at Eco Tauranga—they are a naturally excellent thermal insulator, keeping homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer for low power bills and a comfortable environment. They provide effective soundproofing, and are durable, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance. Adding to this impressive list is something that’s perhaps even more appealing to homeowners: multi-point locking systems on every door and window. 


To ensure they are well-sealed against the elements and secure against any intrusions, even the smaller uPVC windows have at least two lock points. Larger windows have more, while doors have a minimum of five. The locking mechanisms are smooth and easy to use, and ensure a very tight seal with pressure applied evenly to the double rubber seal around the window or door. What’s more, each uPVC frame is also reinforced with steel, making all Eco Tauranga joinery extra sturdy and strong. 


For more information about uPVC, multi-point locking, and the many advantages of Eco doors and windows, get in touch with the Eco Tauranga team. You can fill out the online contact form, call them on 027 552 6065, or email