Fit LTD Announced as the New NZ Distributor for Striplox

Wednesday 9 October 2019, 11:13AM
By Beckie Wright

Fit proudly announced that they are the new NZ distributor for Striplox, an award-winning range of fasteners and connectors perfect for securing panels, wardrobe systems, furniture, and other architectural projects.

Designed for kitchen makers, cabinetmakers, joiners, furniture makers, Striplox creates strong and secure joints. Designers and furniture makers will be glad to know that Striplox is easy to use, and can be used for both permanent and reversible applications. It is great for use on solid timber, MDF, composite panels, aluminium features, balsa wood and more.

Striplox is an ideal option to employ when it comes to furniture making as it replaces visible screws, brackets, and fitting – piecing together an aesthetically pleasing yet structurally strong piece of furniture. It can be surface or rebate mounted in vertical, horizontal, under mount or top mount positions making it a versatile tool for cabinetry.

There is a variety of Striplox products to suit all sort of joinery and cabinetmaking tasks such as large-scale architectural projects like overhead timber battens, mantelpieces, hanging cabinets, and hanging feature panels. It can also be used for floating shelves, hanging bookcases, frames, and mirrors.

Additionally, it can be used as substrate joints, such as mitre joints, butt joints, box joints, T joints, square joints, frame joints, and flush joints. Woodworkers can also take advantage of Striplox’ perfect 180-degree joints, as they are ideal for benchtops, tables, workstations, retail fixtures, and exhibition displays. Striplox also features strong fixing for horizontal shelving or vertical panels. Artisans will be happy to know that its innovative Griplox product provides a replacement for traditional wooden joining biscuits, without the susceptibility to swelling in damp conditions.

Fit NZ carries the Striplox range to better aid cabinetmakers, carpenters, and artisans to do more with their projects. See a variety of projects and “how to” Striplox video clips on the Fit website.

To learn more, visit the Fit website at