Dil's Funerals Help With Writing a Eulogy

Friday 11 October 2019, 1:15PM

By Beckie Wright


At a funeral service, it is common for family and friends to speak about their experiences with, and feelings for the person who has died, but this can be a difficult thing to do if you have never done it before, so Dil’s have some advice.

To capture the interest of the audience, you could start with a significant story about the person or you may prefer a more chronological account of their life, such as: Where was the person born? Where did they grow up? What was school like for them? How far did they go with education? What was home life like? Did they have siblings? Do you have any stories from those years? What will you always remember about them as a family member or friend?

Similarly: What was important to them? Were there any sayings or expressions that they loved, or made them the person they were? What will you remember them doing or saying? What did you learn from them? How will you describe them when you look back on the years you have shared together? People often remember stories after the service and feel connected being able to share these.

You can also ask family and friends what they remember most about the person or what they will miss most about them. A longer tribute is better written out in full and read. If you become overwhelmed with emotion, your paper and notes will help to keep you focused. If you are one of several speakers, then you need to establish how you came to know the person you are speaking about. How did you meet? Why did you get on so well?

Any of these thoughts could get you started when creating a memorable tribute. Take your time when deciding what things you will speak about, and in which order, as this will help significantly as you begin writing the tribute.

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