Drainage TV Ltd Advise To Get Your CCTV Inspection Done Now

Friday 11 October 2019, 1:19PM
By Beckie Wright

With only 16 weeks til Christmas, now is the time, if you were thinking of building/renovating or putting that new pool in, to get your CCTV Inspection completed, so that the design work and application process into council can be done prior to xmas. 

CCTV Drain Inspections are used for a variety of reasons, from identifying the location of your drains, checking the condition of drains to providing the required information for your building consent, and all of Drainage TV’s operators are fully qualified and have current Watercare Health & Safety cards.

From the point your council receives your complete application, it has 20 working days to process your application (as set out in the Building Act). How long it actually takes within that 20 days can vary and might depend on, including whether you make a good application (easily understood and accurate) and the complexity of your project.

Your application might also be reviewed by building officials with specific skills and knowledge, such as building, plumbing and drainage, structural and resource management. Submitting plans with your information helps speed up the process, too.

Drainage TV Ltd offer CCTV drainage inspections with a difference, and their processes promise efficient drainage inspections, saving you time and keeping costs down. Also, only Drainage TV Ltd offers easy online review of your CCTV drain inspection. speeding up the whole process, and with their over 20 years of industry experience and state-of-the-art camera technology, they ensure your job is done right the first time.

So, if you are hoping to get your new swimming pool up and running before Christmas, you should get your CCTV Drainage Inspection underway. You can do this the easy way by filling out a few details in Drainage TV Ltd’s form, which you can find on their webiste, and they will contact you about your project, so for more information on private drainage, council CCTV inspections and drain pipe location please go to .