Zen Explain How Childhood Trauma Can Lead to Addicted Adults

Wednesday 16 October 2019, 7:24PM
By Beckie Wright

Trauma is hard enough for adults to survive. Rates of post trauma addiction in adults is high, but it is even worse for children who have suffered trauma. They may wait until adulthood to develop a substance abuse problem; they may develop a problem with substances or behavioural issues while still in childhood after trauma. It’s all depends on at what point in time coping with their emotions and the result of the trauma becomes seemingly unbearable.

Zen say that trauma induced addiction is real. Out of all the people who have survived traumatic experiences such as attempted murder, rape, car accidents, etc., 25% or of them are likely to have problems with substance addiction. And substance disorders affect 40% of PTSD sufferers.

The availability of so many studies further shows that addiction as a response to childhood trauma is not only a real problem, but it is an issue that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. An ACE shows the correlation between substance abuse and trauma (or adverse childhood experiences).

Using drugs, drinking in excess, smoking, and overeating are all unhealthy behaviours due to a negatively impacted brain as a result of trauma. A person is more likely to self-medicate, use alcohol and drugs, or have physical and mental health problems when they have suffered more adverse traumatic experiences, particularly in childhood.

In order to find assistance and stop feeding an addiction that is a result of childhood trauma or PTSD, the individual must seek out a rehab centre that is capable of treating the root of the addiction – pain and trauma. It’s not enough just to treat the addiction. The right treatment centre must offer stress management, coping mechanism development, skills development, personal care, and therapy, among other things, so for more information on substance abuse treatment centres, drug and alcohol treatments and drug and alcohol rehabilitation NZ please go to .