Dimond Roofing Receives GreenRate™ Level A Certification

Wednesday 16 October 2019, 7:25PM
By Beckie Wright

Dimond® Roofing is proud to have received the GreenRate™ Level A certification, which is the top tier rating for this globally recognised eco-label, for all ColorCote® roll formed roofing products. On 12th April 2019, Pacific Coilcoaters released their Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) to the market for its ColorCote® ZinaCore™, MagnaFlow™ and AlumiGard™ products. 

The EPD is a detailed form of an eco-label – a product-specific environmental scorecard providing quantified, 3rd party reviewed, environmental data, based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). It uses internationally approved ISO standards for transparently reporting a product’s environmental impact. The EPD evaluates the environmental impacts associated with a product over its lifecycle, from the extraction of raw materials, processing and manufacture to distribution, service, maintenance, and finally, reuse and waste disposal for recycling. 

The ColorCote® EPD is unique in the fact that it is the only painted steel EPD in New Zealand that includes the roll forming process and packaging (by its customers) of the ZinaCore™, MagnaFlow™ and AlumiGard™ products into the desired product i.e. roofing, cladding or rainwater products, ready to be delivered to site.

Global GreenTag™’s GreenRate™ certification is recognised by the New Zealand Green Building Council, along with other international agencies such as Green Building Councils of both Australia and South Africa. It is the only eco-label available in New Zealand that incorporates EPD information.

Due to the ColorCote® EPD inclusion of the roll-forming process by Dimond® Roofing, Dimond has been successful in its application for Global GreenTag™ certification for Dimond® Roofing.

For specifiers, installers and consumers, providing and having access to environmentally certified products is becoming more and more important, and with this premium GreenTag™ accreditation, this will give their customers peace of mind, that when they are installing, and specifying Dimond’s roofing products when coated with ColorCote only, not applicable when coated with Colorsteel, that they are using leading products that have passed all the requirements needed to achieve this accreditation.

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