Labels Plus Prints QR Code Labels for Modern Businesses

Friday 18 October 2019, 11:33AM
By Media Giant

QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are a type of matrix barcode which have recently been used more and more for various functions, particularly in the digital marketing world. They are machine-readable, often used with the cameras on devices such as smartphones. The codes contain data which will generally lead the person “reading” them to a website or application. As such, QR codes are handy for both companies and customers, connecting people to information instantaneously and with a simple click of a shutter button. Labels Plus are making it easy for businesses and organisations to take advantage of this technology.


Bringing interactivity to your packaging is easy with the QR code printing service that Labels Plus offers. Just generate your own code—which can be done for free on a range of websites—and send it to the team to place an order or get a quote. They can put a QR code on various types of labels and also include them in larger designs, adding a different dimension to your typical label.


Printing QR codes onto your labels and packaging opens up a new marketing channel, bringing in new sales prospects with minimal effort. Including a well-rounded sales pitch or message in such a small space is almost impossible; QR codes allow you to offer an easy, quickly-accessed pathway to more engaging and valuable content or open up a thread of communication with potential customers and clients. The ubiquitous nature of smartphones mean that scanning the codes is possible and simple for just about everyone who sees them.

To take advantage of QR codes on your physical product’s labels and packaging, contact Labels Plus through their online contact form, at, or on 0508 33 44 77.