Corporate Flowers From Brooklyn Flowers

Wednesday 23 October 2019, 10:10PM
By Beckie Wright

Recent studies have found that the presence of colourful flowers improves life satisfaction and triggers happy emotions: red promotes concentration; blue encourages creativity; and green is linked to safety, which could explain why Brook Thomson (The Flower Man) has such a successful business, and why so many corporates rely on him for their weekly flower ‘fix’.

Brooklyn Flowers create gorgeous flower arrangements that are customised to your brand and work space, and all arrangements are presented in one of their vases, or they can use a vase of your choice if you prefer. They cater to your needs, whether you want large arrangements or smaller ones, and they will create new designs every week to keep the style fresh.

Brooklyn Flowers service all central Auckland areas and hand deliver your flowers to your door every week. You can email them at to enquire about weekly office flowers, or you can order online at .

Corporate flowers for your Auckland office can be addictive, and once you've bought and enjoyed them for the first time, you'll want to repeat the experience. To regularly brighten up the atmosphere at your office, they offer subscriptions as well. Brooklyn Flowers will adapt to any budget, so if you cannot decide which arrangement is best don’t hesitate to call or email, and they will discuss what suits your business and office space best.

Brooklyn Flowers also cater to events and weddings, and can send congratulatory bouquets to friends and family alike. Let’s face it, flowers are perfect for any situation, and regarding your office space, your working environment will never look the same. Also, what better way to say thanks than with a beautiful bunch of blooms? Send corporate gift flowers to clients, customers or staff, with pick up or delivery options available, and for more information on flowers Auckland city, florist Ponsonby and flower delivery Auckland plese visit the website at .