Cloud Edge push toll-free benefits to keep all New Zealanders connected

Thursday 31 October 2019, 9:24AM
By Media Giant

A New Zealand VoIP and communications specialist has highlighted the benefits of its toll-free number offering, aiming to keep New Zealanders connected all across the country in even the most remote and isolating situations.


Cloud Edge, based in Porirua, has recently discussed how its toll-free number offering is bridging the gap between individuals within the corrections system and how they are doing their part to maintain communication with their loved ones.


The toll-free number package offered by Cloud Edge allows anyone who signs up to the service to receive calls free of charge, which is changing the landscape of telecommunications for individuals currently within the New Zealand prison system.


The 0508 or 0800 number available can be set up to divert to a landline or mobile phone, and while this service has largely been aimed at businesses in the past, it is now providing essential quality-of-life improvements to confined individuals on limited incomes wishing to keep in contact with their loved ones.


Packages with Cloud Edge state you only pay for your calls as the owner of the 0800 or 0508 toll-free number, with a minimum monthly calling usage of NZ$35. Under the rules of the New Zealand corrections system, local calls are charged at NZ$1 per 15 minutes, while national calls are stated to be charged at $0.25 per minute.


However, 0800 numbers are free, which is a primary driver behind the decision to educate New Zealanders on the benefits of a toll-free number to ease the financial burden on their loved ones during a difficult time. To learn more about how to get a personal 0800 number in New Zealand, you can visit today.