Media Giant announce greater digital expansion embracing Shopify

Thursday 31 October 2019, 9:25AM
By Media Giant

Shopify has taken the e-commerce world by storm, with Porirua-based digital marketing firm, Media Giant, announcing they are now Shopify Partners and will be delivering this service to existing and future clients across New Zealand.


The Shopify Partner Program includes a selection of expert designers, developers, marketers, and affiliates who use their website design and e-commerce knowledge to create enticing and appealing websites and apps - with the goal of providing greater conversions for businesses and a more streamlined shopping experience for customers.


Shopify Partners provide businesses with a number of well-documented benefits, including:


Improved affordability in the online e-commerce space
Visually appealing online stores to better engage customers
World-class technical and customer support
High-level security to ensure secure transactions
The ability to meet almost any virtual business requirement.


Shopify Partners can incorporate all SKU numbers, and integrate one-off subscriptions and referral programs into an online store. Along with business CRMs and Inventory Management Systems, engaging a Shopify Partner ensures that your digital store is creating and managed to the highest standards currently available.


As experts in website design in New Zealand, Media Giant are going from strength to strength with each of their updated digital marketing offerings. To learn more about how what Shopify functionality on your site can do to transform your e-commerce business into a thriving digital marketplace, visit or speak to the team today by calling (04) 555 0570.