Gubb Design Attends Flagship ADNZ Conference in Queenstown

Thursday 31 October 2019, 2:59PM
By Beckie Wright

This year, the Architectural Designers of New Zealand hosted their flagship national conference, set up for architects and designers up and down the country to attend. The conference surrounds the idea of ‘designing a remarkable future’ and this was certainly reflected in this year’s event.

Darren Gubb of Gubb Design was lucky enough to attend this year’s conference, joining like-minded architectural professionals from every discipline across the industry. The conference boasted knowledge-expanding talks by inspirational speakers, memorable social functions and endless networking opportunities.

The conference covered the here and now of running an architecture firm in New Zealand today, discussing the current housing economy and the effect this has on designers and architects. It also discussed many future-forward initiatives and many platforms were opened to discuss how we can build a new architectural space that fits where our communities are headed. Building green and sustainability were huge topics of discussion.

The conference isn’t all work, though, and the play was surely spectacular. Social functions were arranged each night of the conference to connect architects and to celebrate achievements. From classic themed nights providing a setting to relax and enjoy the getaway, to the gala evening celebrating winners of the 2019 ADNZ Resene Architectural awards – because architecture in New Zealand would be nothing without the standout designers pushing the boundaries of the discipline.

Overall, it was a spectacular few days, and there were many takeaways. Darren Gubb has returned to his firm in Auckland, where he is currently pondering the next steps for Gubb Design and their space in the future of architecture.

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