Maximise Your Space with Lundia Adjustable Shelving

Thursday 31 October 2019, 4:34PM
By Beckie Wright

Lundia's range of adjustable shelving is totally customisable for users to maximise their space. It is cost-saving, versatile and environmentally friendly. The Lundia brand is sold in over 33 countries. The brand has been providing the most versatile and reliable shelving systems around the globe. 

Lundia adjustable shelving is fully adjustable, ready to use, and easy to install and disassemble.  It is available in 420 standard size combinations. The shelving systems can be easily reconfigured and modified for easy downsizing or expanding of storage facilities.

Lundia’s many accessories and finishes available for their system can adapt to any situation. Made from plantation-grown Radiata pine harvested from renewable forest programmes, and with solid-timber construction it is not only sustainable but is also exceptionally durable.

Owing to the special reinforced shelf ends, a Lundia shelf can support up to 200kg in weight. When clients specify these products and finishes for interior fit-out projects or educational fit-out projects, these contribute towards a Greenstar rating.

The nucleus of the Lundia unit comprises two upright frames, variable number of shelves and a cross brace. An infinite number of add-on bays can be attached to the original bay to create a row of shelving.

To prevent buckling and increase carrying capacity, both ends of the Lundia shelf are reinforced with strong end angles integrated into the wood. Grooves in the Lundia uprights channel the weight correctly into the middle of the upright column.

The corner notches in the shelves help guide the end angles firmly into place in the upright grooves. This complete system ensures the weight on the shelf is efficiently transferred to the upright through the end angles and shelf support pins.

The Lundia team is available for their clients to customise solutions for all situations. Their approach is to measure twice and make once. This approach is at the core of Lundia’s service mantra and filters through the entire process allowing for clear communication and pliable solutions. Their professional site surveys provide vital data to ensure the perfect fit.

Lundia’s creative team deliver full evaluation and assessment of potential capacity, incorporating multi-functionality with leading edge design aesthetic. Comprehensive space management ideas allow for future proofing and ongoing growth and usage, so clients can tweak and add as their needs develop over time.

The Lundia team provides their clients with finished design options for the soft-fit-out with CAD drawings and 3D renderings along with their detailed pricing estimate to allow for flexibility in selecting finishes and materials that best fit your project goals.

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