Wedding Gown Alterations to Achieve Dream Bridal Wear

Thursday 31 October 2019, 4:42PM
By Beckie Wright

It is understandable how much weight the wedding gown brings to one’s wedding. It is only worn once in a momentous life event that unfolds as the bride walks down the aisle and the guests are all-eyes on her. That is why most women and even their male counterparts prepare for their attire years prior to the actual event. Therefore, it is very common that brides-to-be can get both excited and overwhelmed when it comes to searching for their dream wedding gown. With countless cuts, styles, patterns, beadwork, and colour, choosing the “one” is rather a crucial decision.

When the time comes that the bride has already picked out the perfect style for her, the momentous occasion can shatter in seconds when the gown is in the wrong size or as simple as when the dress does not have any pockets.

Good thing Kenny and Harlow bridal boutique offers wedding gown alterations specifically for brides who have additional requirements for their wedding gown.

The experienced Dressmakers at Kenny and Harlow will be more than glad to listen to your needs and give the best solutions when it comes to altering, mending or designing wedding gowns and bridesmaids outfits. At the heart of their work is the excellent service they provide in getting the job done in record time, a unique experience you can only get from Kenny and Harlow. 

As well as wedding dress alterations, Kenny and Harlow also offer a range of designer wedding gowns available in store or made-to-order. If you have a custom look in mind for your special day, they can also help you collaborate on a custom wedding gown.

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