LD Construction Ramps Up Renovation Efforts as Spring Settles In

Thursday 31 October 2019, 9:09PM
By Beckie Wright

As spring settles in around Auckland, many residents are beginning their spring-cleaning efforts as they prepare their homes for the holidays. That’s why LD Construction, among Auckland’s most trusted builders, are ramping up their renovation efforts, giving more Auckland homeowners the spaces they want in time for summer.

LD Construction understands that even the most idyllic homes in New Zealand eventually come due for some updates. Many homeowners put off renovating their homes because of financing and scheduling concerns.

Fortunately, the approved builders at LD Construction understand how to make renovations easy and cost efficient. Their team holds their clients’ hands through the entire renovation process, from consultations to discuss their vision all the way through the construction. They will also discuss every detail of the project to keep clients informed and confident. LD Construct have extensive experience working with the Council to obtain the requisite consents and will even help clients preserve their lifestyles and routines while the layout of their home is disrupted during construction.

LD Construction boasts a young team of licensed, passionate builders, fully committed to producing the highest quality homes. Advocating progressive building methods and innovative design processes, LD Construction have positioned themselves at the forefront of Auckland’s competitive residential construction industry.

Backed by their competitive quality assurance program, LD Construction uses only carefully selected and credible suppliers and sub-trades to ensure that each of their renovation projects are constructed to the utmost quality and reliability, and their 287-point quality checklist leaves no stone unturned.

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