Nuna Rava Makes Travel Safe & Comfortable for the Whole Family

Thursday 31 October 2019, 10:52PM
By Beckie Wright

The RAVA convertible child car seat available at Auckland’s premier baby store Dimples is filled with little extras like laid back legroom and fuss-free adjustments. Their unique simple secure installation makes setup a snap so parents can relax and enjoy every magical, messy, covered-with-crumbs moment.

For the child’s safety, any car seat is better than no car seat. But with so many designs and styles available it can get hard to choose which one is ideal for the family.  The Nuna Rava is easy to pops in and out of cars without complications and is suitable for new-borns up to 29.5 kgs.

Uncomplicated with extra laid-back leg room, fuss-free adjustments and the unique simply™ secure installation that makes setup easy are just a few of the wonderful features the RAVA has to offer to allow parents to relax, knowing the baby is travelling in safety and comfort making all the moments spent together more magical.

Whichever car seat you choose, back-facing or front, for big or small kids, the number one priority is keeping them safe. Second and almost as important is the baby’s comfort, and car seats from Dimples are both safe and comfortable.

The store has the convenient capsules from popular brands. These include multifunctional seats such as the Maxi Cosi CabrioFix and Easy-Fix Base, convertible car seats like the Maxi Cosi 2-Way Pearl and the Maxi Cosi Rodi-Fix Air Protect Booster for older children.

Parents have to balance the need for extra safety or comfort, cost-effectiveness and ease of use. The experts at Dimples are available for any advice in making this choice. The shop also stocks prams, strollers and designer baby clothes. Their new flagship store Dimples by Jane Anne is based in Newmarket and they have qualified car-seat installers on-site, so parents can drive away knowing their car seat is correctly – and safely fixed.

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