New Pals RTD Released Just in Time for Summer

Friday 1 November 2019, 12:24PM
By Beckie Wright

Vine Online is super excited about the newest RTD to be released this month. ‘Pals’ are the newest range of RTD cans on the market throughout New Zealand, and they’re just what we needed this summer.

These fresh, cold bevvies are made with less than 1.1g of sugar per 100ml, no additives or artificial anything! Donned as the ‘better for you RTD’s’ these are sure to be the perfect solution to keeping your summer bod goals all season long.

Pals come in three delicious flavours, with each boasting their own kiwi made, Hawke’s Bay ingredients. First up, there’s the classic Vodka, Hawke’s Bay Lime and Soda. This is a summer staple every year so we’re thankful we can now get it in a convenient 10 pack of recyclable cans.

For something a little more flavourful, Pals also come in ‘vodka watermelon, mint & soda’ and ‘gin, Hawke’s bay lemon, cucumber & soda’. Watermelon and mint taste like a sweet mojito and we can’t believe these don’t have more sugar in them – they’re deliciously decadent. The lemon and cucumber flavour has turned out to be the most amazing combo we never knew we needed, and it’s the perfect thirst quencher, too.

If these tasty flavours weren’t enough, pals come with plenty of added benefits. There’s the fact that they’re all-natural flavours and contain real fruit extracts. They also come in the sweetest cans designed by Mount Maunganui artist, Sam Baker, featuring summery illustrations and ‘gram-able colours.

To stock up on Pals and all your other summer beverage needs, shop online today at